ZMN Membrane Separation Mobile Nitrogen Generation Equipment
ZMN Membrane Separation Mobile Nitrogen Generation Equipment
ZMN Membrane Separation Mobile Nitrogen Generation Equipment
ZMN Membrane Separation Mobile Nitrogen Generation Equipment

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Membrane Separation Nitrogen Generation Principle

The membrane separation nitrogen generation technology is the most advanced air separation technology under the normal temperature in the world at present. Its principle is to utilize the permeation rate difference of different gases in the air at the time of passing through the separation membrane, to achieve the separation of nitrogen and oxygen. The schematic diagram is shown in the right figure.

Application Field of Membrane Separation Nitrogen Generation

Petroleum and natural gas: petroleum & natural gas well drilling construction; natural gas & coal-bed gas exploitation, and oil tank & oil groove sealing; offshore platform application; oil depot storage; oil well protection and tertiary oil recovery.

Transport: Protective gas for transport of combustible & explosive dangerous goods.

Chemical Industry / Light Industry: Inert protection for replacement, purge and sealing; anti-oxidation of plastics and rubber; protective gas of glass; protection for chemical goods storehouses and hazardous goods.

Thermal Treatment: Protective gas for annealing, carburization, quenching, carbonitriding, welding, etc.

Agriculture and Food Industry: Fruit storage, preservation of vegetables, and insect prevention of food.

Coal / Storage: Extinguishment, and anti-explosion; protective gas for the gas transmission and packaging process. Medicine: Protective gas for the covering, nitrogen-sealed, gas transmission and packaging process.

Preservation of Cultural Relics: Fire protection of cultural relic storehouses, and anti-oxidation & anti-corrosion of cultural relics

Technical Features
1. The separation membrane is made of the most advanced polyimide (PI) hollow fiber.

2. The separation membrane has wide applicable temperature range of 5~8CTC.

3. Wide Operating Pressure Range: 0.3MPa~20MPa.

4. Have high separation factor, large product gas volume, and high recovery rate.

5. Own excellent chemical & physical stability.

6. The service life may reach 10 years.

7. Have high efficiency, low cost, small volume and light weight.

8. The nitrogen purity is adjustable in the range of 90%~99.9%.

9. Own strong adaptability for environmental temperature of 40°C~120°C